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INDT Gabon and Congo is an inspection company specialized in Non Destructive Testing of industrial equipment such as boilers, heat exchangers, piping, pressure vessels, condensers and storage tanks, inspection  and test of steel wire rope and lifting certifications …

Our services, our procedures and work instructions are supervised by level II inspectors.
Our procedures are approved by a Level 3 certified, COFREND, SNT-TC-1A
Our NDT operators are certified according to international standard (SNT – TC – 1A, EN 9712 & COFREND).

Our company combines technical competence, flexibility and the reactivity of a small company to best meet all your requirements in non-destructive testing (NDT)

  • X-ray & Gamma-ray
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Dye penetrant testing
  • Endoscopy
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Lifting Equipment & Gear
  • Welder qualification test
  • Pressure test
  • Safety inspections of facilities

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a wide group of analysis techniques used in science and industry to evaluate the properties of a material, component or system without causing damage,

Industrial Radiography

Industrial radiography is the use of ionizing radiation to view objects in a way that cannot be seen otherwise. It is not to be confused with the use of ionizing radiation to change or modify objects; radiography’s purpose is strictly viewing. Industrial radiography has grown out of engineering, and is a major element of nondestructive testing. It is a method of inspecting materials for hidden flaws by using the ability of short X-rays and gamma rays to penetrate various materials. Two ways to inspect materials for flaws is to utilize X-ray & gamma-ray

Magnetic particle Inspection

The range of our Magnetic equipment allows us to perform the search or open defects close to the surface in ferromagnetic materials of all kinds of parts: molded, welded, manufactured, storage tanks and spheres. Fault detection can be made by dry or wet

Dye penetrant testing

The penetrant testing can detect open defects on non-porous materials by application by spraying or dipping a colored or fluorescent penetrant and a developer. This technique, fast, easy and inexpensive, allows more effective control than a simple visual check.

Industrial endoscopy

Endoscopy is not only medical technology; it also has applications in aeronautics, naval and general industry. Our advice based on our long experience combined with our high quality instruments are the guarantee of a service unparalleled.

Ultra son testing

The activity of INDT in ultrasonic testing area covers all branches of industry. Our staff is qualified COFREND II. Our equipment is conventional for thickness measurements, research compactness defects on castings, imperfections on the sheets and the control of welding and butt welding fillet welds,


 Our facilities in Port Gentil Gabon:

Our radiographic  bunker is built to international standards, fitted with a fixed crane SWL 2 tons 360 ° for handling parts to control (pipes, capacity, etc …)
Advantage: Not more Safety radiation problem and industrial radiography activities 24/24

Our laboratories

A laboratory is fixed near the bunker and mobile labs on clients’ sites or Onshore, all our labs  are arranged to receive an automatic film processing.

Our projectors

IND has a full range of gamma ray portable equipment Ir192 / SE75 with directional or panoramic show for conventional radiography.

Radiography proximity

EXERTUS®CIRCA projector range is a new generation of close proximity tungsten shielded gamma radiography projector – it has the ability to accept Selenium 75 sources. This projector offers the latest design that makes it flexible, yet compact These Projectors can be used for either normal radiography methods or for

radiography where close proximity work is needed. The design incorporates a Directional Tungsten Collimator which connects directly to the Projector. This reduces the radiation controlled area significantly and allows operations in the close vicinity to continue during exposure.

safe work area can be reduced to 1 m. Highly portable projector Se-75 gamma ray

Improved productivity radiographic (24h) Flexible shield radiation belt

Our  crawler X-ray

Two sets of crawlers are fully automatic for intra-pipe X-ray tubes butt welds.
x-ray crawlers types  IRIS 6 and  IRIS 10 are operational diameter of 6 “to 18” for IRIS 6 and diameter 10 “to 60” for IRIS 10. and are equipped with panoramic X-ray at position 120 to 300 kV. Autonomy is 2 km and the production rate can reach 160 to 200 welds per day depending on the diameter of the tubes.

Offshore projector’s transport boxes :

Steel box  designed to contain the radioactive source for transportation offshore, equipped with carrying handles and lifting slings. It is composed of three compartments:
A locked compartment for housing the box containing the projector and the collimator. The walls of this compartment are covered with lead plates to limit the dose rate outside.

An enclosed compartment for projector accessories
An open compartment containing  the floating buoy in case of falling overboard.

The float is connected to the box by 100 m rope.

LIFTING Inspections and certifications

Lifting appliances are causing a significant number of occupational accidents. To ensure the safest working conditions for workers using or moving in contact with such equipment, the regulation provides for checks or put back into service and periodic audits.
– How to be accompanied in the installation of new lifting equipment?
– How to protect your workers using lifting equipment?
– How to ensure that your plants comply with regulations?
– How to check the maintenance condition of your lifting devices?
– How to know if your steel cables have hidden dangers (internal corrosion, abrasion and fatigue….)
With its technical and regulatory expertise, INDT accompanies you to reduce the risk of accidents related to your some of your lifting equipment plant (auxiliary crane loading vehicle, forklifts, aerial platforms for people, …) controlling their regulatory compliance throughout their life cycle.


100 tons fully automatic traction bench for the load tests of lifting accessories such as slings, chains, shackles, etc…

Break test

Proof load test


Our références :

  • CTPM
  • SIAT
  • IPS
  • IWC